Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Shit Happens...

As I mentioned in my previous post - some changes have happened in recent weeks - most importantly - losing my Saturday gig - on a temporary basis due to the fact that they wanted shitty music for the period around the Fucking Jubilee and they wanted to get a more family friendly crowd. Hilarious! And that was the view of everyone without exception I've spoken to since then!

I was told this on the Bank Holiday Monday after doing a 4 1/2 hour set the previous night - the crowd seemed really on for it - meh!

What it has done however is focused the mind on where I want to take this - whether or not to keep this as a hobby/passion or do I take it further. Going by my actions with my wallet it seems that I'm going with the latter - having agreed a deal to pay some £900 up front and then £75 installments for 12 months for a second hand pair of CDJ-2000 and a DJM-900 mixer having originally agreed to purchasing a second hand pair of MK3 1000's for £700.

Am eagerly awaiting them with baited breath. Been waiting over two weeks already for them!! But I have been reliably informed that the dealer is legit - he runs a speaker making company in North Yorkshire and so is in a position to be able to get stuff for reduced prices - so I think I've found a bit of a winner there!

Supposed to be going back to gig at Skuba in early July, we'll see what happens then!!

Try to post tomorrow - hopefully we'll have some news on the decks then!!!


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